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I love Photographing Newborns!

I absolutely love booking newborn sessions in our Springfield, MA studio. They are hands down simultaneously my most favorite and most difficult session! (But I love it!). I love snuggling babies, smelling their sweet newborn scent, admiring the tiny toes and fingers, really, I just love everything about newborns!

Growing up, my mother worked as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I often visited my mom at the hospital and regularly had the chance to visit with the newborns that she was caring for.

My mother’s love of babies extended to our home as well and Anne Geddes (the original newborn photographer) portraits featured on the walls of our home, monthly calendars hung in the kitchen, and even my mom’s checkbook to this day features Anne Geddes portrait work. It’s funny how despite having never considered newborn photography as a professional career until I was an adult, the universe was clearly giving me signs I wasn’t looking for!

I continuously engage in ongoing education through my professional associations in the form of trainings and conferences in order to continue to grow my skills in an effort to offer the best work that my studio can produce. I am constantly looking for ways to improve, for newer and better techniques for posing babies and with an eye towards refining my style and editing in order to continue push my work to elevate my esthetic and art. But more importantly by approaching education as an ongoing endeavor, I am able to stay on top of the most current safety standards with in the newborn photography industry and apply those practices with in my studio.

Currently I am participating in an online Newborn and Maternity Photography Retreat and am taking 20 courses which I am really excited about! Though I usually prefer hands on, in person training, due to COVID this year I am taking part remotely. Despite the courses being online, there are some really great positives! For example I don’t have to chose one course over the other due to time constraints. I can pause and rewatch. And I am super excited for the teaching line up!

And we can’t forget the mama’s! Fine Art Maternity sessions have really turned into a passion of mine. I just love baby bumps, glowing moms, enamored dads and the general loving vibe that they bring into my studio. My baby making days may be over, but I get to live vicariously through my clients and ohh and ahh over the bumps and babies which just brings me so much joy!

Book a session today! We prefer to book maternity sessions between 28-33 weeks gestation (though we are happy to book whenever you prefer) and newborns we tentatively book based on their due date and then revise once they arrive earth side. Session turn around is approximately 3 weeks to preview your gallery so please plan accordingly when booking. We can’t wait to meet you!


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