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Top 12 FAQ's about Boudoir Photography

The top 12 facts about a boudoir session with Love On Paper Photography are as follows....

1) Boudoir photography should be done for you. Not for your husband, partner or because your best friend did one. For you. So that you can spend time working on loving your body. And if it makes a really awesome gift for your husband, that is merely a fantastic by product of the session.

2) Boudoir photography is not about sex or pornography. Intimate portraiture is about taking the time to love your body exactly the way it is. It is about relearning to love yourself the way you did when you were 6 and weren't burdened with societies expectations for the female body.

3) You are ready now. You don't have to lose weight or make literally any changes to yourself to prepare for the session. However you are comfortable, shaved, unshaven, hair done, not done, you do not have to make any special preparations or meet some unobtainable beauty goal. You are beautiful exactly the way you are now.

4) I will not publish your images with out your signed consent. If you don't want anyone to ever see these beautiful images other than yourself, that is completely fine. And common!! They are your pictures to share or not share. You are under no obligation (unless you responded to a model call and received the session free in exchange for a model release, and even then you can simply purchase the session and change your mind and there will be zero hard feelings) to sign a model release or do anything you aren't completely comfortable with.

5) You will feel really good about yourself following the session. The more often you feel that way, the sooner it becomes your reality!

6) Boudoir is for every woman. Not just skinny women, or young women, or super confident women. It is for all women! The best part about intimate portraiture is that is truly is self care. There is almost no other occasion that exists solely for the purpose of celebrating the female body in all of its kick ass glory! Truly every body, every woman is gorgeous and deserves to have time dedicated just to celebrating her. You deserve this!

7) I am going to be your personal hype woman! When you are looking hot, I'm going to tell you. I want you to know and feel exactly what I see. I want you to spend time enjoying the skin you are in. I want you to feel glamorous in your own birthday suit. I want you to luxuriate in your beauty. I want you to laugh. I want you to have fun. I want you to leave behind your negative self feelings and leave the session feeling damn good about your body and I promise that you truly will!

8) You don't need to know anything about modeling or posing! I will help demonstrate poses and will help pose you. I even have sample images of poses to flip through for all of you visual learners! We can flip through on the Ipad as we go, that way you can visualize the technical aspects of each pose. I will get down on the floor with you and show you. You will be posed to perfection and look gorgeous - no matter what your body type! I do recommend stretching the day before and just before the session. Boudoir can be quite a work out. So anticipate being a little sore following your session and drink lots of water. But in a good way! It will hurt so good, lol.

9) Don't go tanning before your session. You will look orange in your pictures and despite being flattering in real life, in pictures it will not look good. Our makeup artist will pamper you and perfect your makeup prior to the session and the images will be edited to perfection, so don't stress about needing a tan!

10) It is counter intuitive that the confidence, occurs AFTER having done the scary thing, rather than building up the confidence to do the session beforehand. But trust me, at some point during the session you are going to be laughing and having so much fun that you just forget that you are in your bra and panties or wearing nothing at all. And, you are going to feel really good about it! I promise!

11) I truly encourage every woman to try a nude portrait. It is so empowering to take a gorgeous fine art nude image (or next to nude). You are so beautiful exactly the way god and your mother made you. You are a work of art worthy of a Renaissance painting from an old world master. I'm no old world master, but I promise that you are worthy of art. The confidence that comes from allowing yourself to spend time truly loving and indulging in yourself. Touch your body. Become comfortable with your body. You are worth it.

12) Stepping out of your comfort zone is where growth occurs. I promise that even though it might sound scary, it truly isn't!! And the best part is that it can truly spark a life changing course of events. And how great would it be if the end result of those events is loving yourself a little more, having a realistic view of your body which isn't distorted by societal influences or expectations for women.

BONUS: Boudoir photography helps normalize the female body. Seeing pictures of real female bodies can alter the way we as women view and experience our own bodies. It allows us to normalize what real bodies look like. It allows us to feel beautiful in our normal bodies. It allows women who maybe aren't ready or at a point where they feel comfortable enough to book their own session yet, to see beautiful, normal women enjoying their own bodies. And that can be the trigger which allows another woman to do the same. Be a part of a movement of women who love themselves and other women exactly the way they are.

You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are enough.

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