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Why I shoot Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is so much more than just sexy photos of a woman. It is often grouped in with pornography when in fact, it doesn't have anything to do with sex. So, the question is then what is boudoir photography? In its simplest form, a boudoir session is literally time that a women spends relearning to love her body. In today's society women get mixed messages about what is beauty, what is sexy and what is desirable. Women are told to be virginal while the media simultaneously uses the female form as a sexual object designed to sell whatever product is currently being marketed. And to top it off, women are told on a daily basis that they are not skinny enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, good enough. So what is a girl with a muffin top and stretch marks to do? Re-learn to love your body exactly the way that it is. And that is a fucking scary statement. Isn't it? Loving yourself exactly the way you are, right now. Not when you lose 10lbs. Not once you can fit a size 6. Not once you can afford botox or get that chemical peel. Right now. As you are.

The funny thing about boudoir photography is that it is a little bit counter intuitive in that the confidence comes after doing the scary thing. It's hard to imagine baring yourself, your soul, and showing your body to photographer in a studio you've probably never been to before and then feel confident about it afterwards. But, I promise you that outside of your comfort zone is where all the great stuff in life happens. It is always amazing to watch my client's come into the studio and sit down for makeup and feel the nervous vibe that they have and then to see that same client at the end of the session laughing, carefree and feeling damn good about herself, it makes me feel so good about the work I do. It makes me so happy to know that when that client sees the final images, she is going to experience something that she has maybe never felt before. Joy and excitement about photos off herself. There are women that absolutely hate every single photo of themselves. They don't like to take pictures, even with their own children because she just knows that she isn't going to be happy with how she looks in them. And when I can present an entire gallery of beautiful images, where the client sees herself and just falls in love with herself (wow), and sees one picture after the next and little by little begins to look at herself just a little differently. With confidence. With excitement. And that is everything. Even if another soul never sees these images, it is worth it.

Boudoir photography is truly about empowering women. There is literally no other occasion in our society where women are invited to love themselves, to love their body exactly the way it is. I want women to come into my studio and feel free to be herself 100%. I want you to touch your own body, and to give yourself some self love and self care. And this might be an emotional experience. And I am here for that. Boudoir photography can be a cathartic, life changing experience. Seriously. You might cry a little, you might feel things you have never felt before, you might be a little uncomfortable even. But we are going to talk about it, cry about it and I promise that by the end of the session you will be laughing and enjoying yourself and more importantly enjoying this kick ass body that you have. You are unique in this life, literally made of the universe from star dust. There is no one else like you. It would be a tragedy if during your life you never get to know yourself and your sexuality and just love it all. Every single curve, scar, stretch mark, wrinkle and so called flaws combine to make you the unique and gorgeous creature that you are. You should shine like the star that you are. And I'm here for it.

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